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Megan Williams Update
UPDATE — 2 plead guilty, 5 others indicted in torture caseW.Va. Woman Pleads Guilty to Hate Crime. Learn more about this and other issues regarding bankruptcy and foreclosure in our other sections of our website.


MEGAN WILLIAMS SEGMENT TO AIR NATIONALLY ON MONTEL WILLIAMS SHOWTorture victim Megan Williams gets $40,000 scholarship during Montel William’s Show
December 12, 2007 4PMmegan williamsMegan Williams and Her Mother meet with Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX)
US Congresswoman 18th District Houston Texas
Member, Congressional Black Caucas

Clik Here for Full View | Click Here for PDF Version
National March Against Hate Crimes a Success!!!

Marching for Megan

Hundreds Come Out to Support Torture Victim

Rally & March for Megan Williams End, Event Was Peaceful

Rally for Megan Williams

Torture Case Rally Prompts Look at Hate Crime Numbers

Community Reacts to March

at the March, people contributed $5,000 for Megan
Continue to help Megan Williams with past and future medical and counseling expenses.
Send checks or money orders to:
Welana Megan Williams Fund
Chase Bank 707 Virginia St. Charleston W. VA 25301
- all money goes directly to the Williams Family –
Continue the Work
Please help Atty. Shabazz and Black Lawyers for Justice continue the work of advocating for our people, demanding justice and providing legal assistance to our people in need. There are many folks who rely on services of such professionals as that of a Dallas bankruptcy lawyerSend Donations To:
Black Lawyers For Justice c/o Atty Malik Shabazz
make check payable to:
National March
1250 Connecticut Ave. Suite 200 Washington, DC 20036




TORTURE CASE: Advocates and Family
Call for Federal Hate Crime Charges

Click Here for Full Story

W.VA. Woman Speaks About Torture Ordeal
The Associated Press

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (Oct. 23)Click Here for Full Story
Noose Incidents all across America
New York City, NY
Hempstead, NY
College Park, Maryland
Anniston, Alabama
Noose at Columbia University
hung on Black Professor’s door
Even Black Police
Are Not Safe
Noose at Maryland University hung outside Cultural Center
Noose hung in Alabama at the Anniston Army Depot
Nooses placed in July and again in August

“Where Justice Never Sleeps”
Jena, LousianaMychal Bell
sent back to Jail…again
Washington, DCDeOnte Rawlings
Cops Kill 15yr old
Oakland, CAGary King, jr.
Cops Kill 20yr old
FloridaMartin Lee Anderson
Boot Camp Kills 14yr old
Atlanta, GeorgiaGenarlow Wilson, 17yr old sentenced to 10 yrs.
for consentual sex
TennesseeOmega Leach, 17yr old
Killed in DYS Custody
25 Racial Incidents Around the Country
Warwick High School in Lititz, PA ~ October 3, 2007

Anniston, Alabama ~ October 2, 2007

Dani Super ~ September 20, 2007
Whatever happened to “Freedom Of Speech?”

New York, New York ~ October 10, 2007 Noose Incident

Fort Pierce, Florida ~ July 2007
No names have been released as of yet

Corderyl Banks ~ October 2, 2007


Caldwell, New Jersey ~ September 2007?
No students names have been relased as of yet??

Washington, D.C. ~ October 3, 2007
No names have been released as of yet…

Deonte Rawlings ~ October 3, 2007

Pleajhai Mervin ~ September 28, 2007

Noose Incidents in N.C.?~ September 2007


September 30, 2007 ~ Noose incident in a Long Island, NY Police Station

May 2006 ~ Malik Thomas

Summer 2007 ~ Noose incident in the U. S. Coast Guard Academy

January 3, 2004 ~ Juan Rayford Jr.
http://www.letstalk honestly. com/raceinameric a.html?

January 3, 2004 ~ Juan Rayford Jr.
http://www.letstalk honestly. com/raceinameric a.html?
September 25, 2007 ~ Stephen Barrett

September 22, 2007 ~ Noose incident on campus of Andrews High School in High Point North Carolina

September 20, 2007 ~ Noose incident in Alexandria, Louisiana

September 18,?2007 ~ Aloysius Staton,0,2243344.


September 13, 2007 ~ Noose incident on campus of University of Maryland at College Park?

September 11,?2007 ~ Megan Williams

November 25,?2006 ~ Sean Bell

November 21, 2006 ~ Kathryn Johnston

September 2006 ~ The Jena 6 [The beginning]

January 2004 ~ Genarlow Wilson [The beginning]

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Howard Univ. Students
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Latino Women
for Megan Williams
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of Megan Williams
United Voices for a Common Cause
National Hip-Hop Political Convention
S. C. Williams, Editor Topeka-Lawrence Courier
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